About Me and This Blog

First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my blog even coming this page to know more about me. As this is more about technical blog for my public projects, I'm just share about my technical background, so don't hope to get much detail about my self here. ^smile^

My name is Paulus Edwin Prasetya, currently employed in one of telecommunication company in Indonesia. For personal issue you can contact me at my personal email. My hobby is programming, started when I was at Secondary School (We called it SMP), I was like to make program to hack save game. But, IMHO, the real strong point of my self is about problem solving (of course computer/technical related, so don't ask me how to solve from economy crisis) and technical analysis.

Programming Language Background:

  • Basic, yes this is first language that I learnt. It was still 8086 architecture, where the PC bios support basic programming.
  • Assembler. Uhm this one is very-very rarely, and actually I should not put it here. But I have one project that I'm still really proud with assembler, it was PWM synthesizer, which playing wav file using standard PC speaker. The project was not 100% assembler, but mainly in pascal except the PWM part that really need fast sampling.
  • Was also seen and have give a try once for Prolog (the language for Artificial Intelligence) and Lingo (the language for Macromedia Director).
  • Mainly was coding with Pascal with Borland's Turbo Pascal when everything still text based, then went to Borland's Delphi.
  • Currently, I'm just using Java for my company's projects, as most projects pushed into web-base solution and use Linux for the server.
  • And of course once into a web, knowledge of HTML is a must also javascript for dynamic content and AJAX.
I made this blog as information center for some of my project that I release for public. Currently the sources that I released here are also public accesible. About license, I could not put any license on all of this public projects, as I do not read or know in detail about any of open source license nor have interest to learn the license. There is too much to learn each word, there is Apache License, GNU License (even there is v2 and v3), MIT License, BSD License, and many more that I do not know the difference.

Why I made this.
Just count this as my contribution to the world. This is a very-very small contribution compared to what I learnt. I'm just expecting to ease people for ones that use my project, or give sample code, practice of code for ones that want to learnt from my project.