Friday, June 15, 2012

urlNeXT Version 1.7.4

As today I found that Google may use differences link for their search page, I make a little update to accomodate the change. I really have no idea since when Google make the change.
Previously google search just use But today beside "/search", they may use "/webhp" or even just "/".

Beside that, I also make change on the animation to make the animation more likely the Google Chrome animation that appear when you use Swipe Gesture in Mac OS X for back and forward  history browsing. Previously, when I put the animation in urlNeXT, Google Chrome have the animation across the browser window. But some months ago, they change the animation and as it's minor for me, I was postponing change the animation in urlNeXT in case Google change it again.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

wTouch version 0.4.1

As XBMC Eden is already in beta phase, it's time to update the add-ons. There is a change in XBMC's JSON-RPC API, which a change on the add-ons is mandatory.

So here is the update for Eden, wTouch version 0.4.1
Basically not much change in function, but the update is about compatibility with Eden for the JSON-RPC API.

But still, a year without any new feature, I have an idea to empower the gyroscope in the iPhone/iPod Touch, and iPad 2. As previously tested, the new feature is use the gyroscope to control XBMC.
The gestures are:

  • Tap, hold and move/rotate the device left, right, up, or down this will mimicking the arrow keys on the keyboard. Release the tap will stop the action based on the gyroscope. This will give you an experience like you are conducting the XBMC to do what you want.
  • Turn your device Up-Side-Down (the screen facing your table) when a media is played, will make the XBMC pause the media. Turn it back, will automatically play the media again. So if you have a little interruption when you watching movie, just turn your device and when done, turn it back. (If the screen locked, just unlocked it then wTouch will aware the condition of the device and tell XMBC to play the media.
There is another fixed on how displaying the cover images so it will stretch better and show the image within the screen