Wednesday, November 23, 2011

urlNeXT Version 1.7.3

Just a little tweak on link scanner to cover some site, not much update.

Responding from the comments at  Chrome WebStore, about  requesting to turn off the animation page.
The feature to able to turn it off is require a persistent storage to store the selected option. Either we use cloud storage or use your local storage.

Until now, I'm still do not want to have cloud storage (mean may use some little your traffic, or just some information may fly over the internet) and also I do not want to your local storage, although it's just a very-very small amount of data. So I do not have option to store/save your option.

About the animation page itself, I made it as a feedback to user input. As I tested it, without any feedback, I often lost even do not know wether it's happened or no. For comparison, I'm using it on OS X with touch gesture, and helped with another tools BetterTouchTools, and I made gesture to make the shortcut called. Sometimes the gesture work, sometimes not, so feedback is really needed.

But this is not final, and highly probable that I will implement local database/storage to save the options.
And there is no target date about it or which version as it's still not on plan.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

urlNeXT Version 1.7.2

I'm rather hate to make this update, actually it's not an update, just change of the setting.
And honestly, I really do not like to make this change, as now the content script is injecting https.

From the start I use content script, I do not like it inject your https pages. But Google make change again, that the Chrome now, by default use https pages in search. As in this case, I could not use the scan link on google search except allowing the content script injected to HTTPS.

So, at least you know the reason, then you can decide