Friday, September 16, 2011

urlNeXT Version 1.7.1

a fast update focusing on the visualization.

  • Preloaded arrow image, so when an action occurred the image is ready to be shown. This fix issue that some occasion the image is not shown.
  • Now the arrow is pulling a white layer that filled the screen, just gimmick indicating a new page will be load wether from the next or previous page

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

urlNeXT Version 1.7

Today, I'm add a new feature for the user interface: Animated Arrow.

The animated arrow is use webkit animation css, so it should not give much load to your browser. And as I do not want to delay the browsing experience, the animation just happen on the loading progress of the next/previous page.

So if you are browsing to a very fast server/network (e.g. local network) the animation may not happen or just move half of the window. But if you browse to web that rather slow, the animation may complete from edge to edge of the window.

There is different direction on next and previous action:

  • On Next Action, the right pointing arrow will move from right to the left of the window
  • On Previous Action, the left pointing arrow will move from left to the right.

Also there may have 2 background color of the animated arrow.

  • Blue background mean the action will use link that scanned on the page.
  • Green background mean the action will use numbers in the url.

Another change, now if the page is not fully loaded, it will force scan the page when there is an action (next or previous) occurred. Previously if the page is not fully loaded, urlNeXT will not start scanning for links, and on that time if an action occurred, urlNeXT will just use numbers in the URL.
But now, it will force scan the unfinished loaded page, and if not found for links, it will just use the numbers on the URL.