Friday, November 19, 2010

urlNeXT Version 1.5.3

After sometimes holding the progress due to Google Instant, I'm just thinking a little tweak to at least work with Google Instant. So here the version 1.5.3.
  • Changed for Google Instant Search, the search result in re-scan on each action and adapt to latest change.
    Known issue, the icon will not adapt automatically if you change the search term, nor click the navigation on the result page.
  • Use dynamic link URL, urlNext will use the latest url in the scanned links, so it can adapt if the page change the url on the fly.
    This also solve navigation on E-bay. E-bay navigation links, is set on the fly by it's script. Thus on prior version of urlNext, the link of previous and next link scanned as empty link. But with dynamic link url, the links are scanned and used properly by urlNext