Friday, September 17, 2010

wTouch Version (Beta)

Racing with times :)
Now I'm considering this stage as beta, I do not think to put more feature for this time.
Still there is something need to be done, especially for images on browse functions.
  • Client side sorting for Movies, TV Shows, Artists, Albums
  • Fix addon.xml to be compatible with XBMC addons repository
  • Browse Music have suffle option as first item to suffle the songs on the directory (use playlist). Selecting one song still play only the song directly (not use playlist).
  • Add Browse Music Library, now support for browse by artists, albums, and songs directly.
  • Drop default.asp, so XBMC 09xx and before, will not work anymore (it's only touch/gesture remote).
  • Resizing Cover Art/Thumbnail now detect the screen resolution.
From now, I will submit the project to XBMC add-ons repository, and you need at least XBMC Dharma Beta2. So no need manual download from my site.

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