Thursday, September 16, 2010

wTouch Version (Alpha)

As XBMC already on stage beta 2 for new release Dharma, they also implementing on new addons system for web interfaces. In preparation for making package for the repository, I made a little progress.
For this version, I'm using build 33857 to build and test, and device iPhone 3GS

  • Change icon and splash screen to match with the new XBMC splash screen.
  • Change the background of media info.
  • Tap on media info will showing Player Control in XBMC. Previously, the Player Control can be shown with single tap (enter key), but it changed that Player Control shown by key M.
  • Fix css issue for title on media info, that may cap the text.
  • Change sensitivity for swipe left and right, this should make the swipe left then back (ESC) and vice versa (TAB) perform better.
  • Copying json.js and Default*.png images from poc to wtouch directory as the change on webinterface inside xbmc use addons system.
  • Fixing the display of the Cover Art/Thumbail. Now the image is automatically resized based on iphone screen size. (480*320 resolution)

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