Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wTouch Version (Alpha)

Since the development XBMC implementing new option to communication with, I'm trying to put it on the wTouch. But to be known, that the jsonRPC is still under development thus there may change between SVN and may break the new feature on wTouch. And if you want to try, you need to have the SVN build of XBMC.

This version I test under XBMC build 30092, older build would not work as there is a change in the jsonRPC api. And future build may broken as change happen in XBMC too.

New Feature:
  1. Now Playing.
    The main display will change if there is media played on XBMC. wTouch will show the Cover Art (thumbnail) for the touch/gesture pad, and show status bar contain the title of the media and current time also remaining time.
    This feature is done automatically, so you no need to find where is the "Now Playing" button.
  2. Browse Media
    There is new button in the main display to browse media in XBMC. You can select your media and let XBMC to play the selected media.
Known Limitation
  • Cover Art/Thumbnail of the Now Playing image is not resizable. So if your Cover Art/Thumbnail of media is too big or too small it may inconvenience shown in wTouch.
  • Displayed current time may not actual time, but it synced for every 15 seconds. So between the time the time may not shown correctly.
  • As I'm using default images from poc web in XBMC, the images may not fit well, as the default poc web is use black background, while the Browse Media of wTouch use white background.
  • Music just accesible by browse the media folders.

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