Thursday, May 6, 2010

Web Based Database Administrator

Actually this project is a very outdated project. I was making this for administering various database exists in my company. Prior to this project, I was used henplus, a java based sql shell. From the shell based, there is an idea to make something web based with a simple to run sql query. There is nothing to be so advance.

This project started at 2005, and after finish on the first step, there is no more development.
I was have some idea to use the AJAX and more Dynamical HTML, but it's really depend on the needs and time.

JWebDBAdmin provide a simple UI to run SQL Query. By using the java technology that have support widely by database maker for JDBC driver, make it able to connect to various database engine.
JWebDBAdmin feature:
  1. Multi user
  2. Share database connection, but not share userid to login on database
  3. List available table/views
  4. Review table structure and indices
  5. Record history of SQL command
  6. Make favorites to defined SQL command
  7. Download query as CSV

You need to have Java Web Server like Tomcat to install JWebDBAdmin

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