Thursday, May 6, 2010

urlNeXT, Google Chrome/Chromium Extension

Since Google announce their browser, Google Chrome, I use the browser for day to day. At first I still kept Firefox as default browser, but now it's already my default browser.
When I use Firefox, I have Link Widget to ease browsing some site that may have another page with the number in the url. But after waiting long enough, I could not find similar on Google Chrome. So why not I try to make it.

At beginning the differentiation from LinkWidget, is the method to get to the next page. LinkWidget primarily find link on the page to get the next url, and you can change that on it's preferences that it can guess on number exist in URL.
While at first, I'm just thinking to use the numbers on URL, so I started the feature with the change number on the url to go to the next page, and here the differ, urlNeXT allow you to choose which number on the url that you want to add or decrease to go to next or previous page.

After months, I find It may getting better if it does scan the page to find the next or previous url, make it much more similar to Link Widget on Firefox Extension.

More information or download you can get from

Change Log
Version 1.5 (23 Apr 2010)
  • Bug fix with empty href attribute. The link will be no use if the href is empty.
Version 1.4 (22 Apr 2010)
  • Bug fix with next link scanned from the page but does not have number in URL, It wa not perform to the next page
  • Bug fix in scanning algorithm for finding next and previous text.
Version 1.3 (21 Apr 2010)
  • Scan links on the page (https will be not scanned) to finding specific link for Previous and Next Link based on REL attribute or text for the link.
  • Custom page scan to find the links for search engine Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This will lead a malfunction if the search engine change the result page HTML structure.
  • There is 2 dot on top of urlNeXT icon to indicate the availability on prev and next link. Red dot means unavailable, while blue mean available for the link. Left top dot for previous link, right top dot for next link.
Version 1.2 (12 Apr 2010)
  • Adding Hot Keys (CTRL-SHIFT-LEFT ARROW and CTRL-SHIFT-RIGHT ARROW). These hot keys only work on regular http, as I do not want to inject secure page (https)

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