Friday, November 19, 2010

urlNeXT Version 1.5.3

After sometimes holding the progress due to Google Instant, I'm just thinking a little tweak to at least work with Google Instant. So here the version 1.5.3.
  • Changed for Google Instant Search, the search result in re-scan on each action and adapt to latest change.
    Known issue, the icon will not adapt automatically if you change the search term, nor click the navigation on the result page.
  • Use dynamic link URL, urlNext will use the latest url in the scanned links, so it can adapt if the page change the url on the fly.
    This also solve navigation on E-bay. E-bay navigation links, is set on the fly by it's script. Thus on prior version of urlNext, the link of previous and next link scanned as empty link. But with dynamic link url, the links are scanned and used properly by urlNext

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wTouch Version 0.3

I'm happy to announce new update of the wTouch, XBMC add on.
Change Log:
  • Implements icons from Everaldo Coelho's Crystal Project Icons
  • Browse Music Library now can find by genre first.
  • Little tweak on media info bar, fix when use mobile safari (not installed as Web Application) on landscape mode.
  • Fix overflow cover art.
  • Fix centering icons in Browse menu.
  • Adding installation instruction under Help menu.
Since today, I upload the project to google code.

Friday, September 17, 2010

wTouch Version (Beta)

Racing with times :)
Now I'm considering this stage as beta, I do not think to put more feature for this time.
Still there is something need to be done, especially for images on browse functions.
  • Client side sorting for Movies, TV Shows, Artists, Albums
  • Fix addon.xml to be compatible with XBMC addons repository
  • Browse Music have suffle option as first item to suffle the songs on the directory (use playlist). Selecting one song still play only the song directly (not use playlist).
  • Add Browse Music Library, now support for browse by artists, albums, and songs directly.
  • Drop default.asp, so XBMC 09xx and before, will not work anymore (it's only touch/gesture remote).
  • Resizing Cover Art/Thumbnail now detect the screen resolution.
From now, I will submit the project to XBMC add-ons repository, and you need at least XBMC Dharma Beta2. So no need manual download from my site.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

wTouch Version (Alpha)

As XBMC already on stage beta 2 for new release Dharma, they also implementing on new addons system for web interfaces. In preparation for making package for the repository, I made a little progress.
For this version, I'm using build 33857 to build and test, and device iPhone 3GS

  • Change icon and splash screen to match with the new XBMC splash screen.
  • Change the background of media info.
  • Tap on media info will showing Player Control in XBMC. Previously, the Player Control can be shown with single tap (enter key), but it changed that Player Control shown by key M.
  • Fix css issue for title on media info, that may cap the text.
  • Change sensitivity for swipe left and right, this should make the swipe left then back (ESC) and vice versa (TAB) perform better.
  • Copying json.js and Default*.png images from poc to wtouch directory as the change on webinterface inside xbmc use addons system.
  • Fixing the display of the Cover Art/Thumbail. Now the image is automatically resized based on iphone screen size. (480*320 resolution)

Friday, August 27, 2010

urlNeXT Version 1.5.2

Just releasing new update for urlNeXT.
It's based on comment on the official page of Google Chrome Extension.

  • Bug fix for url that start with "/search" (reported by Devmake)
    There is a little wrong code when I was attempt to make special scanning for Google, Bing and Yahoo. All of them are start with "/search". So when it was find it start with "/search" the extension was just use the special algorithm while not do the common scan.
  • Change Icon
    As requested, I change the icon on update :). Hope you like it slugburz, sorry to take it months.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wTouch Version (Alpha)

Since the development XBMC implementing new option to communication with, I'm trying to put it on the wTouch. But to be known, that the jsonRPC is still under development thus there may change between SVN and may break the new feature on wTouch. And if you want to try, you need to have the SVN build of XBMC.

This version I test under XBMC build 30092, older build would not work as there is a change in the jsonRPC api. And future build may broken as change happen in XBMC too.

New Feature:
  1. Now Playing.
    The main display will change if there is media played on XBMC. wTouch will show the Cover Art (thumbnail) for the touch/gesture pad, and show status bar contain the title of the media and current time also remaining time.
    This feature is done automatically, so you no need to find where is the "Now Playing" button.
  2. Browse Media
    There is new button in the main display to browse media in XBMC. You can select your media and let XBMC to play the selected media.
Known Limitation
  • Cover Art/Thumbnail of the Now Playing image is not resizable. So if your Cover Art/Thumbnail of media is too big or too small it may inconvenience shown in wTouch.
  • Displayed current time may not actual time, but it synced for every 15 seconds. So between the time the time may not shown correctly.
  • As I'm using default images from poc web in XBMC, the images may not fit well, as the default poc web is use black background, while the Browse Media of wTouch use white background.
  • Music just accesible by browse the media folders.

Monday, May 10, 2010

wTouch version 0.2

I'm just give it a little update for fixing issue on
  • Swipe left then right, mimicking escape key (Back)
  • Swipe right then left, mimicking tab key (Toggle GUI)
Previously, it wil not recognize the swipe back when your finger back to around your first touch.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

XBMC wTouch

XBMC is a great Media Center build cross-platform. While I like to use my iPhone to remote the XBMC, there is no free iPhone app that provide gesture base.
Why the need gesture based? Because on touch devices with no button, we lost the feel of physical button, we could not just feel where is the center button, then move finger for arrows, we need to see the devices to tap the right point. With gesture based remote, we does not need to care where we start to touch and were end, just how we move our finger.

More information please visit: Official Forum

urlNeXT, Google Chrome/Chromium Extension

Since Google announce their browser, Google Chrome, I use the browser for day to day. At first I still kept Firefox as default browser, but now it's already my default browser.
When I use Firefox, I have Link Widget to ease browsing some site that may have another page with the number in the url. But after waiting long enough, I could not find similar on Google Chrome. So why not I try to make it.

At beginning the differentiation from LinkWidget, is the method to get to the next page. LinkWidget primarily find link on the page to get the next url, and you can change that on it's preferences that it can guess on number exist in URL.
While at first, I'm just thinking to use the numbers on URL, so I started the feature with the change number on the url to go to the next page, and here the differ, urlNeXT allow you to choose which number on the url that you want to add or decrease to go to next or previous page.

After months, I find It may getting better if it does scan the page to find the next or previous url, make it much more similar to Link Widget on Firefox Extension.

More information or download you can get from

Change Log
Version 1.5 (23 Apr 2010)
  • Bug fix with empty href attribute. The link will be no use if the href is empty.
Version 1.4 (22 Apr 2010)
  • Bug fix with next link scanned from the page but does not have number in URL, It wa not perform to the next page
  • Bug fix in scanning algorithm for finding next and previous text.
Version 1.3 (21 Apr 2010)
  • Scan links on the page (https will be not scanned) to finding specific link for Previous and Next Link based on REL attribute or text for the link.
  • Custom page scan to find the links for search engine Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This will lead a malfunction if the search engine change the result page HTML structure.
  • There is 2 dot on top of urlNeXT icon to indicate the availability on prev and next link. Red dot means unavailable, while blue mean available for the link. Left top dot for previous link, right top dot for next link.
Version 1.2 (12 Apr 2010)
  • Adding Hot Keys (CTRL-SHIFT-LEFT ARROW and CTRL-SHIFT-RIGHT ARROW). These hot keys only work on regular http, as I do not want to inject secure page (https)

Web Based Database Administrator

Actually this project is a very outdated project. I was making this for administering various database exists in my company. Prior to this project, I was used henplus, a java based sql shell. From the shell based, there is an idea to make something web based with a simple to run sql query. There is nothing to be so advance.

This project started at 2005, and after finish on the first step, there is no more development.
I was have some idea to use the AJAX and more Dynamical HTML, but it's really depend on the needs and time.

JWebDBAdmin provide a simple UI to run SQL Query. By using the java technology that have support widely by database maker for JDBC driver, make it able to connect to various database engine.
JWebDBAdmin feature:
  1. Multi user
  2. Share database connection, but not share userid to login on database
  3. List available table/views
  4. Review table structure and indices
  5. Record history of SQL command
  6. Make favorites to defined SQL command
  7. Download query as CSV

You need to have Java Web Server like Tomcat to install JWebDBAdmin